Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
FALL 2019 BOISE HYPERSPACE TRIAL Phoenix Fire / Meridian Idaho US 2019-08-24 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 18
Baguette et Frogmage Boutique l'Imaginaire Quebec CA 2019-08-24 Extended Store Event 20
Canadian Grand Championships 2019 FanExpo 2019 Ontario CA 2019-08-24 Extended National Championship 65
X-wing mandagsturnering Faraos Cigarer DK 2019-08-19 Extended Casual Event 14
Bonitão Open Nerdz / Porto Alerge RS BR 2019-08-18 Extended Casual Event 14
Cage aux trolls casual La Cage aux Trolls Quebec CA 2019-08-17 Extended Store Event 6
Mythic game hyperspace trial Littleton Colorado US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 40
Out of the Box Hyperspace Trial Out of the Box / Ottawa Ontario CA 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 17
Sacramento Hyperspace Trial 2019 Great Escape Games California US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 64
Battleground Games and Hobby Hyperspace Trial Battleground Games and Hobby Norton US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 25
Great Escape Games Hyperspace Trial Great Escape Games CA US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 64
8/17/19 MHK X-Wing Hyperspace The Village Geek NY US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Store Event 8
Atomic Empire Hyperspace Trial 2019 Atomic Empire NC US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 48
X-Wing - A Star Wars Ready Room Tournament Element Games Stockport GB 2019-08-17 Extended Other 36
Huzzah Hobbies Hyperspace Trial Huzzah Hobbies Virginia US 2019-08-17 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 38
Moscow Store Tournament Moscow RU 2019-08-17 Extended Store Event 12
Kapiti Casual X-Wing Winterdale Tavern Kapiti NZ 2019-08-17 Extended Store Event 14
Extended Tournament Kingman AZ US 2019-08-16 Extended Casual Event 7
Tier 1 August Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US 2019-08-16 Hyperspace Store Event 4
German X-Wing Grandchampionships 2019 Düsseldorf DE 2019-08-15 Extended National Championship 144
X-Wing Dragon's Lair Fight Night #7 Dragons Lair Stockholm SE 2019-08-15 Extended Store Event 12
NLGR X-Wing 14/08 Next Level Games Ringwood Victoria AU 2019-08-14 Extended Store Event 11
IQ Games Tuesday August Tournament IQ Games Halifax GB 2019-08-13 Extended Store Event 8
Element Games Tuesday Night X-wing Event Element Games Stockport GB 2019-08-13 Extended Store Event 12
A Ton Tour Casual Event A Ton Tour / Granville Normandy FR 2019-08-12 Hyperspace Store Event 2
New Tournament