Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Frog Squadron Casual TTS tournament none / Quebec City Quebec CA 23/01/23 Extended Casual Event 13
Starships, girls and droids Warband Club Kyiv UA 21/02/27 Extended Casual Event 12
P.O.E.M December tournament P.O.E.M Sichuan CN 21/01/24 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Porto Alegre City Champ (TTS) Jan 2021 Rio Grande do Sul BR 21/01/23 Extended Store Event 6
Alpha Qualifier - Gold Squadron Flight Club Championship Series Gold Squadron CA US 21/01/23 Extended Other 170
MUDHORN CASUAL THE 4TH IS WITH YOU AT RSH RSH AZ US 21/01/23 Extended Casual Event 10
WMR MOSCOW XW 2021/1 Warmaster Moscow RU 21/01/23 Extended Store Event 10
050 squadron TTS tournament 050 squadron Groningen NL 21/01/17 Extended Store Event 9
Shanghai MONTHLY STORE TOURNAMENT 2021/01 Shanghai Shanghai CN 21/01/17 Extended Store Event 18
Irresistible Force 2020 Store Championships Irresistible Force QLD AU 21/01/16 Extended Store Event 20
A Escória da Galáxia BR 21/01/15 Extended Casual Event 17
#8 I CAN HOLD IT! Hobby Games Kaliningrad RU 21/01/06 Extended Store Event 8
050 squadron new year tournament 050 squadron Groningen NL 21/01/03 Extended Casual Event 5
050 squadron new year tournament 050 squadron Groningen NL 21/01/03 Extended Casual Event 0
X-Wing Outer Rim Online TTS Tournament Conflict Athens GR 21/01/02 Extended Casual Event 8
welcome21 genova genova IT 21/01/01 Extended Other 22
P.O.E.M December monthly tournament P.O.E.M sichuan CN 20/12/27 Hyperspace Store Event 10
X-Wing Outer Rim Online TTS Tournament Online Attiki GR 20/12/20 Extended Store Event 7
Outer Rim X-Wing TTS Tournament Online Athens GR 20/12/20 Extended Casual Event 0
LAST RISE BR 20/12/19 Extended Other 37
Natal dos Wookiees 2020 Tabletop Simulator Porto Alegre/RS BR 20/12/19 Extended Casual Event 8
Shanghai MONTHLY STORE TOURNAMENT 2020/12 Shanghai Shanghai CN 20/12/19 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Grande Liga Xwing Versus Versus Gamecenter Lisboa PT 20/12/15 Extended Store Event 10
LAST RISE QUALIFIER BR 20/12/13 Extended Other 31
Polish X-wing Championships TTS PL 20/12/13 Extended National Championship 95
New Tournament