Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Springfield IL Store Championship 2020s1 Titan Games / Springfield IL US 20/02/23 Hyperspace Store Event 24
Meeples February X-Wing Tournament Meeples Games, West Seattle Washington US 20/02/23 Hyperspace Store Event 5
MYTHIC GAMES SEASON 1 STORE CHAMPIONSHIP Mythic Games Colorado US 20/02/23 Hyperspace Other 28
X-Wing Liga II. Forduló Slice & Dice Budapest HU 20/02/23 Extended Other 27
February hyperspace TTD Frankfort Kentucky US 20/02/23 Hyperspace Store Event 10
Torneio Mensal CHQ CHQ Cards / Santo André SP BR 20/02/23 Extended Store Event 12
Games U Hyperspace Monthly Tournament Games U AZ US 20/02/23 Hyperspace Store Event 16
Noble Knight Store Kit Noble Knight - Fitchburg WI US 20/02/23 Extended Store Event 18
Cool Stuff Games South Orlando Monthly Tournament Cool Stuff Games FL US 20/02/22 Extended Store Event 9
Iron West 2020 Espace Avel Vor / Plougastel-Daoulas FR 20/02/22 Hyperspace Store Event 32
Casual Cage aux Trolls La Cage aux Trolls Quebec CA 20/02/22 Hyperspace Store Event 10
Louisville Game Shop Store Championship Louisville Game Shop KY US 20/02/22 Hyperspace Store Event 20
Hyperspace Store Championship Imaginaire St-Bruno Imaginaire St-Bruno Quebec CA 20/02/22 Hyperspace Store Event 11
Red Dice Games Store Champs Red Dice Games Edinburgh GB 20/02/22 Hyperspace Store Event 37
The Kamino Open 2020 Gillingham Kent GB 20/02/22 Extended Casual Event 23
New England Annual Team Tournament Battleground Norton Massachusetts 20/02/22 Hyperspace Casual Event 40
Hangar 19 Casual Hyperspace 2/22/2020 Family Time Games Indiana US 20/02/22 Hyperspace Store Event 9
The Battle of GamePlace Lucerne V.6 GamePlace Luzern CH 20/02/22 Extended Store Event 22
Freedom Squadron League Season 6 Elimination Finals Freedom Hobby and Gaming OH US 20/02/20 Extended Store Event 12
SEGUNDA ETAPA LIGA CAMPINAS 2020 Forjamundos São Paulo BR 20/02/16 Hyperspace Casual Event 13
The Complex February Store Tournament The Complex ME US 20/02/16 Hyperspace Store Event 12
The Perky Nerd February Store Championships The Perky Nerd California US 20/02/16 Hyperspace Store Event 16
Great Escape Games Kit Tournament Sacramento California US 20/02/16 Hyperspace Casual Event 14
WARRIOR LODGE STAR WARS X-WING CASUAL DAY Warrior Lodge QUEENSLAND AU 20/02/16 Extended Casual Event 19
MOSCOW STORE 15.02.2020 Warmaster Moscow RU 20/02/15 Extended Store Event 8
New Tournament