About List Fortress

What is it?

X-Wing Miniatures Second Edition is a two player boardgame centered around building and dogfighting with a squad of starships from the Star Wars Universe.

List Fortress is a website for crowdsourcing the collection and organization of X-Wing Miniatures tournament results. The resulting data set is publicly available via API and is used by third party sites like PBM List Fortress also serves as the online hub for the X-Wing Vassal League. The League plays X-Wing online via the Vassal Engine and uses List Fortress to track player standings and share replays.


List Fortress is built with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Bootstrap.

The source code is available at Github under an MIT license.


  • The Scum and Villainy Podcast
  • Sozin: For his advice and encouragement when planning the site
  • Chris Allen: For all his tireless work
  • Mwhited: For all the help setting up matches
  • so_crates: For running the XWS conversion services
  • Everyone who contributes to X-Wing Data 2:
  • Everyone who helps enter data: This wouldn't be possible without you