Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
THM X-Wing Deluxe Wave 2 Kit - Wave Championship The Hobby Matrix Adelaide AU 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Atlanta Sci-fi and Fantasy Expo Hyperspace Wave 2 Challenges Games and Comics Ga US 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 10
GMI Games: Hyperspace Dogfight GMI Games California US 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 15
Practice Phoenix Squadron Event Games U Arizona US 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 16
Weekend Warlords Saturday March Tournament Weekend Warlords Loughborough GB 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 24
FDB March Tournament Boutique FDB Gatineau CA 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 10
Casual Jupiter Juegos Jupiter Juegos Badajoz ES 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Casual Event 10
Kaliningrad Spring 2019 Hobby Games Kaliningrad RU 2019-03-09 Extended Casual Event 7
Steel City Wave 2 Championship Chaos Games and More, Pueblo Colorado US 2019-03-07 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Wave Championship at PGS League NIght -Dec. 7th, 2018 -March 6th, 2019 (Old Points) The Portland Game Store Oregon US 2019-03-06 Extended Store Event 14
Game Haven Battle of Yavin Game Haven /St George Utah US 2019-03-06 Custom Store Event 6
Element Games Tuesday Night Tournament Element Games Stockport GB 2019-03-05 Hyperspace Store Event 19
March Hyperspace TTD Frankfort KY US 2019-03-04 Hyperspace Store Event 10
Wave 1 Championship Trondheim Outland, Trondheim NO 2019-03-03 Hyperspace Store Event 8
Harlequins Preston X-Wing Hyperspace Trial Harlequins Preston Preston GB 2019-03-03 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 37
MOB Games Wave 1 Championship MOB Games, Lake Stevens WA US 2019-03-03 Extended Store Event 6
Hyperspace X-Wing Tournament TTD Frankfort KY US 2019-03-03 Hyperspace Casual Event 4
Krayt Cup 4 Atomic Empire North Carolina US 2019-03-02 Hyperspace Other 164
Florida Seasonal Tournament Orlando Florida US 2019-03-02 Extended Store Event 42
Playoteket Malmö Hyperspace Trial Playoteket SE 2019-03-02 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 41
Hyperspace Trial Uncle's Games Redmond WA Uncle's Games of Redmond Washington US 2019-03-02 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 77
Power 9 Games Hyperspace Trial Power 9 Games, Las Vegas NV US 2019-03-02 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 32
Reaper Wave 2 Championship Reaper Game Store Texas US 2019-03-02 Hyperspace Store Event 8
Blakfyre Games Hyperspace Trial Blakfyre Games Utah US 2019-03-02 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 30
Collectormania Parker Wave 2 Championship Collectormania CO US 2019-03-02 Extended Store Event 18
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