Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Tier 1 April Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US Extended Store Event 4
Knight Watch Hyperspace Trials Knight Watch Games Texas US 2019-04-20 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 46
CRITICAL HIT X WING WAVE CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-04 Critical Hit Games Ohio US 2019-04-20 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Free Game Casual Q4 Free Game St-Romuald Quebec CA 2019-04-20 Extended Store Event 10
Savannah Lion Games Spring 2019 Hyperspace Tournament Savannah Lion Games GA US 2019-04-20 Hyperspace Store Event 7
Dicehead Wave 1 Championship Dicehead Games Tennessee US 2019-04-20 Extended Store Event 6
GamesU wave 2(and 3) championship GamesU Mesa Arizona US 2019-04-20 Hyperspace Store Event 17
Trench Run I Gilda Igraca NS RS 2019-04-20 Hyperspace Store Event 15
The DefconHyperSpace Defcon 2.0 Varese IT 2019-04-14 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 75
Primeira etapa - liga x wing Campinas Tenda do Blade Campinas/SP BR 2019-04-14 Hyperspace Other 17
Torneio de ecerramento da Tenda do Blade Tenda do Blade Campinas/SP BR 2019-04-14 Hyperspace Store Event 17
Primeira Etapa Liga Campinas X-Wing 2019 Tenda do Blade São Paulo BR 2019-04-14 Hyperspace Casual Event 17
GGTR Wave Championship Good Games Top Ryde NSW AU 2019-04-14 Extended Other 13
Auckland X-Wing Hyperspace Tournament April Auckland NZ 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Casual Event 12
Cage aux Trolls casual La Cage aux Trolls Québec CA 2019-04-13 Extended Store Event 8
UK System Open Series Milton Keynes GB 2019-04-13 Extended System Open 562
GMI Wave II Championship GMI Games / Riverside Californa US 2019-04-13 Extended Store Event 15
Gamescape Hyperspace Trials Gamescape San Francisco California US 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 39
Nyack Hyperspace Trial Nyack New York US 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 52
Hyperspace Trial in Vilnius Stalo Zaidimai EU Vilnius LT 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 15
Cool Stuff Waterford Hyperspace Trial Cool Stuff Waterford - Orlando Florida US 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 67
Gamez & More Hyperspace Trial Gamez & More Rochester MN 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 33
Underhill April Monthly Ohio 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Store Event 9
Sc-Fi City April Tournament Sci-Fi City Knoxville Tennessee US 2019-04-13 Hyperspace Store Event 6
F4A 2018 Season 4 Attack Run - Hyperspace Tournament Fun 4 All Comics & Games, Ypsilanti MI US 2019-04-07 Hyperspace Store Event 12
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