Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
WMR MOSCOW - 7 Warmaster, Moscow RU 20/10/03 Extended Store Event 9
JAWA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 2020/21 - BEYOND BUNBURY Perth Western Australia AU 20/10/03 Extended Store Event 28
Battle Of Toronto Series: Invitational Games (BOTS: IG-88) [Nantex chassis banned] Tabletop Simulator Ontario CA 20/09/27 Extended Store Event 16
37 Torneo Xwing Icarus jocs Icarus jocs Malgrat de mar ES 20/09/27 Extended Casual Event 6
GamePlace Storechampionship 2020 "Corona 2" GamePlace Luzern CH 20/09/26 Hyperspace Store Event 18
SGF Monthly Store Tournament SoGoFun Shanghai CN 20/09/26 Extended Store Event 9
DTTW X-Wing Melbourne Derbyshire GB 20/09/23 Extended Casual Event 7
SONS + SEQUOIAS AUG 2020 CHARITY TOURNAMENT 20/09/20 Extended Casual Event 18
SPB X-WING in NoGames 20/09/20 NoGames Saint Petersburg RU 20/09/20 Extended Store Event 7
Coppa Starfighters Italia 2020 20/09/19 Extended Store Event 54
Concord Dawn - Galactic Championship Qualifier Sydney AU 20/09/19 Extended System Open 130
Casual Cage aux Trolls in person La Cage aux Trolls Quebec CA 20/09/19 Extended Store Event 12
Squad Tolosa Equinoxe 2020 Tournament Toulouse Occitanie FR 20/09/19 Extended Casual Event 16
Rolling dice season 2020-2 tournament 2 Rolling Dice Lima PE 20/09/13 Extended Store Event 22
Freedom Hobby and Gaming X-Wing Store Tournament Freedom Hobby and Gaming OH US 20/09/12 Extended Store Event 14
Dathomir - Galactic Championship Qualifier London GB 20/09/05 Extended Store Event 172
3rd Äbbelwoi Aces Tournament DE 20/09/05 Extended Other 10
Casual prudent comeback from lockdown Imaginaire Boutique l'Imaginaire Quebec CA 20/09/05 Extended Store Event 12
ZZ Extended September 2020 ZZ Games Taastrup DK 20/09/05 Extended Store Event 10
Royal Shark Hangar Bay 3rd Edition TTS Pernambuco BR 20/09/03 Extended Casual Event 19
COLOMBIA EXTENDED - TORNEO DE X WING Club de Rol Bogotá CO 20/09/01 Extended Store Event 10
2º Etapa Liga Brtherhood Brasília 2020 Table Top Simulator Distrito Federal BR 20/08/29 Extended Store Event 7
2° Etapa Liga Brtherhood Brasília 2020 TTS Distrito Federal BR 20/08/29 Extended Casual Event 7
Inside Voice Please X-Wing Tournament Nampa Idaho US 20/08/29 Extended Store Event 8
2020 PERTH JAWA STORE CHAMPS Perth Western Australia AU 20/08/29 Hyperspace Store Event 38
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