Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
HEXILED ALT-STAR TOURNAMENT 2021 Hexiled Gaming GA US 21/06/12 Custom Other 42
Tournoi boutique au coin du jeu Lorient Bretagne FR 21/06/12 Extended Other 16
CLOUD CITY CUP 2021. RS 21/06/12 Extended Store Event 6
Extended Mando's Tournament Kingman Az US 21/06/12 Extended Casual Event 10
Heroes Comics and Gaming Store Championship (2020 kit) Heroes Comics and Gaming Ky US 21/06/12 Hyperspace Store Event 13
Shanghai MONTHLY STORE TOURNAMENT 2021/06A Shanghai Shanghai CN 21/06/12 Hyperspace Casual Event 16
Rogue Outpost Weekly League Season Two Week Three 21/06/07 Hyperspace Store Event 38
Gamenite monthly store tournament US 21/06/07 Extended Store Event 9
Rogue Outpost Weekly League Season Two Week Two 21/06/06 Extended Store Event 38
Torneo Junio La Comarca Games La Comarca Games Las Palmas ES 21/06/06 Extended Casual Event 8
X-Wing Hyperspace Tournament Village Geek / Manhattan, KS KS US 21/06/05 Hyperspace Store Event 9
BESPIN - GALAXIES 2021 QUALIFIER TTS AU 21/06/05 Extended Other 133
9th Äbbelwoi Aces Tournament TTS DE 21/06/04 Extended Other 6
WIECZORNY TURNIEJ X-WINGA W SZOPIE Szopgracz PL 21/06/02 Extended Casual Event 18
Firestorm games 21/05/30 Extended Store Event 12
A Escória da Galáxia 2.0 21/05/30 Extended Casual Event 48
First Swiss TTS Open TTS CH 21/05/29 Extended Other 7
Shanghai MONTHLY STORE TOURNAMENT 2021/05B SGF Shanghai CN 21/05/29 Extended Store Event 16
Tier 1 May Aces High Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US 21/05/27 Other Store Event 15
Rogue Outpost Weekly League Season Two Week One GB 21/05/24 Extended Store Event 28
Rogue Outpost Weekly League Season Two Week One GB 21/05/24 Extended Store Event 38
ningbo-xwing-may-extended-tournament zhejiang CN 21/05/23 Extended Store Event 6
Smetch Rat Games - Store Championship, Longmont, CO Smetch Rat Games Colorado US 21/05/23 Extended Store Event 23 TTS FR 21/05/23 Extended Other 50
MCB - Tournoi de la fin du monde Nation Condor QC CA 21/05/22 Extended Other 30
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