Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
July Extended TTD Frankfort KY US 2019-07-28 Extended Store Event 11
6ª Etapa Liga Brotherhood Mortalis 2019 Meepleverso DF BR 2019-07-28 Extended Casual Event 10
Good Game: Game Night Good Game Sharq KW 2019-07-27 Hyperspace Store Event 8
Paris System Open Espace Charenton Paris Paris FR 2019-07-27 Extended System Open 182
Nerd Store X-Wing Store Tournament The Nerd Store Colorado US 2019-07-27 Extended Store Event 20
RTP - Summer Blowout Tournament Ready to Play Trading Cards - Cayce South Carolina US 2019-07-27 Extended Store Event 13
Misty Mountain HST Misty Mountain Games Wisconsin US 2019-07-27 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 40
Rise of The Force - Regionals (RJ) RED Jogos Rio de Janeiro BR 2019-07-27 Extended Other 22
Moscow July 2019 Warmaster RU 2019-07-27 Extended Store Event 15
Armchair Adventurer Hyperspace Trial Armchair Adventurer, Honolulu HI US 2019-07-27 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 16
MOKAN State Fair Game Cafe, Independence Missouri US 2019-07-27 Hyperspace Store Event 25
Van's CCG Hyperspace Trial Van's Comics Cards and Games Mississippi US 2019-07-27 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 11
Wyvern’s Tale July 2019 The Wyvern’s Tale NC US 2019-07-27 Extended Casual Event 13
Torneio X-Wing 2nd Ed. Extended - Versus Gamecenter Versus Gamecenter Lisbon PT 2019-07-27 Extended Other 9
FDB July Tournament Boutique FDB / Gatineau QC CA 2019-07-27 Hyperspace Store Event 6
Tier 1 July Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US 2019-07-25 Hyperspace Store Event 6
BA Hyperspace training Ihrysko SK 2019-07-21 Hyperspace Casual Event 4
IQ Games Monthly Tournament IQ Games Halifax GB 2019-07-21 Extended Store Event 16
Gaming Den Extended Tournament The Gaming Den Basingstoke GB 2019-07-21 Extended Store Event 14
IV Torneio Hobbylandia X-Wing Hobbylandia Lisboa PT 2019-07-21 Extended Store Event 8
RISE OF THE FORCE ETAPA SP Game Vault São Paulo BR 2019-07-20 Extended Store Event 32
Paducah Hyperspace Trial Dragon's Hoard Gaming/Paducah KY US 2019-07-20 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 30
Steel Wing July Tournament Goodgames Wollongong New South Wales AU 2019-07-20 Extended Store Event 8
TTW X-Wing 2.0 Extended Dogfight Table Top Warfare Gawler AU 2019-07-20 Extended Store Event 19
Carolina Tabletop Games Monthly Tournament Carolina Tabletop Games NC US 2019-07-20 Hyperspace Store Event 24
New Tournament