Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Rise Of The Force - Brasilia Meepleverso DF BR 2019-07-13 Extended Other 16
LGS Hyperspace Tourney 7/13/19 Louisville Game Shop KY US 2019-07-13 Hyperspace Store Event 7
July Monthly - Crazy Squirrel Game Store Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 2019-07-13 Extended Store Event 5
TNX Open Warboar games Bromley GB 2019-07-13 Extended Store Event 25
Starstrikers Summer Tournament 2019 SE 2019-07-10 Extended Casual Event 6
Bosco's Monday Night Tournament Bosco's Anchorage US 2019-07-08 Hyperspace Store Event 8
Weekend Warlords July Tournament - Extended Weekend Warlords GB 2019-07-07 Extended Store Event 21
Spring Tournament 2019 DracheNäscht Bern CH 2019-07-06 Hyperspace Store Event 18
Weekend Warlords July Tournament - Hyperspace Weekend Warlords GB 2019-07-06 Hyperspace Store Event 16
Rise Of The Force - Regionals (BH) ClubeNerd BH Belo Horizonte BR 2019-07-06 Extended Other 34
Sci-Fi City July Tournament Sci-Fi City Knoxville Tennessee US 2019-07-06 Extended Store Event 8
Mandalore Open I @ Gilda Gilda Igraca NS Juzno-Backi RS 2019-07-06 Extended Store Event 13
Torneio Mensal CHQ 30/06/2019 CHQ Cards - Santo André SP BR 2019-06-30 Extended Store Event 7
End of June Game Table tournament The Game Table Cafe PA US 2019-06-30 Extended Store Event 10
5ª Etapa Liga Brotherhood Mortalis 2019 Meepleverso DF BR 2019-06-30 Extended Casual Event 11
After the sun dogfights Lion's Claw Piraeus GR 2019-06-30 Extended Store Event 6
“New Points” Tournament l Portland Game Store / Portland Oregon US 2019-06-29 Extended Store Event 7
Padme Amidala Hyperspace Trial Tarnow Malopolska PL 2019-06-29 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 38
Madrid System Open Las Rozas Madrid 2019-06-29 Extended Store Event 270
IO WAVE 2 CHAMPIONSHIP: WAVE 3 EDITION Imperial Outpost AZ US 2019-06-29 Extended Store Event 16
X-Wing turnir u Hydri Hydra Tabletop Gaming Club Beograd RS 2019-06-29 Extended Store Event 10
Liga Carioca RED Jogos Rio de Janeiro BR 2019-06-29 Extended Casual Event 6
June Extended TTD Frankfort KY US 2019-06-29 Extended Store Event 6
Game Vault - Junho Game Vault São Paulo BR 2019-06-23 Extended Other 10
Wave 2 Championship - The Game Matrix The Game Matrix, Lakewood WA US 2019-06-23 Extended Store Event 6
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