Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Extended Tournament Kingman ARIZONA US 2019-06-07 Extended Casual Event 6
JUNE SUNDAY TOURNAMENT AT GAMES U Games U AZ US 2019-06-02 Hyperspace Store Event 9
Hyperspace Trial Il Labirinto Il Labirinto Bollate IT 2019-06-02 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 32
Hall of Heroes Hyperspace Trial Hall of Heroes NSW AU 2019-06-01 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 51
Star Wars: X-Wing Grand Championship (UK Nationals) UK Games Expo Birmingham GB 2019-06-01 Extended National Championship 195
DEFI ALPHA CONDOR 2 Imaginaire - Place Laurier Quebec CA 2019-06-01 Extended Casual Event 67
Durango Hyperspace Trial Guild House Games Colorado US 2019-06-01 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 16
Game Cafe Hyperspace Trial Game Cafe / Independence MO US 2019-06-01 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 49
Bluegrass Magic Hyperspace Trial Bluegrass Magic/Louisville Kentucky US 2019-06-01 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 59
Seattle System Open Seattle WA US 2019-06-01 Extended System Open 136
TMK Monthly TTS TMK Clubhouse CA US 2019-06-01 Hyperspace Store Event 4
Torneio X-wing – 200pts Dogfight - 01/06 Kult Games Lisbon PT 2019-06-01 Extended Other 6
Napcon 2019 Honeycomb Manila METRO MANILA PH 2019-06-01 Extended Other 9
Nordsken X-Wing Hyperspace Trials Nordsken, Skellefteå SE 2019-05-30 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 22
Game Vault Game Vault São Paulo BR 2019-05-26 Extended Other 13
LigaCWB 2019-1: Torneio 4 FunBox Curitiba Paraná BR 2019-05-26 Extended Casual Event 5
Taça BH Etapa 5 Clube Nerd Minas Gerais BR 2019-05-26 Extended Casual Event 12
Wayland Games Wave Championships 2 Wayland Games, Hockley Essex GB 2019-05-26 Extended Store Event 22
2ª Etapa liga VIP Aces - BG Inbox BoardGame In Box Paraná/Londrina BR 2019-05-26 Extended Other 7
4ª Etapa Liga Brotherhood Mortalis 2019 Ludoteca BGC DF BR 2019-05-26 Extended Casual Event 11
Hyperspace trial Dresden Reckenecke Dresden DE 2019-05-25 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 48
Game Time X-Wing Hyperspace Tournament Game Time Indiana US 2019-05-25 Extended Store Event 13
Hyperspace Trial Starship Games Barcelona ES 2019-05-25 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 32
GD Games 2019.05 - Torneo V Hyperspace GD Games Lima PE 2019-05-25 Hyperspace Store Event 19
Hyperspace Trial #1 Oslo Outland Storgata NO 2019-05-25 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 19
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