Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
X-Wing 2.0 Turnir GG Grenadier Games, Beograd Serbia RS 18/10/27 Extended Store Event 10
Jupiter Juegos Q2 Kit Jupiter Juegos Badajoz ES 18/10/27 Extended Store Event 7
Michigan GT Lansing MI US 18/10/24 Extended Other 32
October 2E Tournament TTD Cards Frankfort Kentucky US 18/10/21 Second Edition Store Event 15
WAAAGH TAVERNE - Store Champ WAAAGH Taverne Paris FR 18/10/21 Extended Store Event 21
Alder Squadron October Tournament Round The Table Washington US 18/10/21 Extended Casual Event 7
Tier 1 Montly Tier 1 Card and Games/Anchorage Alaska US 18/10/21 Other Store Event 8
October Q3 Kit Firestorm Cards Basingstoke GB 18/10/21 Extended Store Event 10
Crazy Squirrel October 2018 Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 18/10/21 Second Edition Store Event 9
RivCo #3: Nal Hutta Starfighter Competition Gamer’s Haven CA US 18/10/20 Extended Store Event 8
TXGO San Antonio TX US 18/10/20 Extended Other 12
Huzzah Quarterly Fall 2018 Huzzah Hobbies Virginia US 18/10/20 Extended Store Event 15
Store Chalon - Forges des Lumières Castanet Tolosan Occitanie FR 18/10/20 Extended Store Event 14
Out of the box monthly Out of the box cards Ontario CA 18/10/20 Other Store Event 5
Q3 2.0 Tournament Big Orbit Cards Evesham GB 18/10/20 Extended Store Event 17
October Tournament - Top Gun 2.1 Thirsty Meeples Oxford GB 18/10/17 Extended Store Event 10
Tuesday 10/16/18 Curio Cavern VA US 18/10/17 Custom Store Event 17
Bosco's October Bosco's Cards and Comics/Anchorage Alaska US 18/10/16 Extended Store Event 10
Crossroads Classic 3 Family Time Games / Indianapolis Indiana US 18/10/16 Extended Other 85
Test Turnerville Va US 18/10/16 Extended Casual Event 2
Crazy Squirrel September 2018 Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 18/10/16 Second Edition Store Event 9
Crazy Squirrel Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 18/10/16 Second Edition Store Event 0
Coruscant Invitational FFG Game Center MN US 18/10/16 Custom System Open 82
Store Championship Imaginaire Boutique l'Imaginaire Quebec CA 18/10/14 Extended Store Event 21
October Sunday Tournament Weekend Warlords Loughborough GB 18/10/14 Extended Store Event 38
New Tournament