Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Australian Nationals 2018 The Hall Of Heroes New South Wales AU 18/11/24 Extended National Championship 129
Frog Squadron Fall 2018 Frog Squadron Quebec CA 18/11/21 Extended Store Event 29
Abyss Tournoi Wave 1 L'Abyss Québec CA 18/11/20 Second Edition Store Event 18
2018 Walker Classic Littleton CO US 18/11/19 Extended Casual Event 48
Weekend Warlords Sunday November Tournament Weekend Warlords Loughborough GB 18/11/18 Extended Store Event 40
November TTD Frankfort KY US 18/11/18 Extended Store Event 11
Kaliningrad Store Hobby Games Kaliningrad RU 18/11/18 Extended Store Event 8
Dutch Nationals 2018 Amsterdam Noord Holland NL 18/11/17 Extended National Championship 73
Czech nationals 2018 Brno CZ 18/11/17 Extended National Championship 43
Tier 1 November Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US 18/11/17 Extended Store Event 5
Crovos 2018 Lisboa Lisboa PT 18/11/17 Extended Other 16
X-Wing 2.0 Turnir GG Grenadier Games, Beograd Serbia RS 18/11/17 Extended Store Event 10
Weekend Warlords Saturday November Tournament Weekend Warlords Loughborough GB 18/11/17 Extended Store Event 32
Moscow#2 Warmaster Moscow RU 18/11/17 Extended Store Event 20
JAWA Open Osborne Park Bowls Club Western Australia AU 18/11/16 Extended Casual Event 38
No disintegrations Thirsty Meeples Oxford GB 18/11/14 Extended Store Event 13
Lucky Dice Monthly Kit Lucky Dice MN US 18/11/12 Extended Store Event 7
X-wing Taipei - 2nd Winter Tournament 2018 Taipei City n/a TW 18/11/11 Extended Casual Event 10
X-wing Trondheim November Trondheim NO 18/11/11 Second Edition Other 7
Nerfherder with a Vengeance Element Games England GB 18/11/10 Extended Other 132
Crazy Squirrel November Wave Championship Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 18/11/10 Second Edition Store Event 8
Nerfherder with a Vengeance Element Games Stockport GB 18/11/10 Extended Other 132
Battle Over Chattanooga Epikos ccg Chattanooga TN US 18/11/10 Extended Store Event 13
GMI Games Extended Dogfight GMI Games / Riverside Californa US 18/11/10 Extended Store Event 17
November Monthly Eclectic Games Reading GB 18/11/10 Extended Store Event 7
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