Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Midgard Store Championship Midgard Games Newfoundland CA 19/03/30 Extended Store Event 9
The Games Cube Hyperspace Trial Tha Games Cube New South Wales AU 19/03/30 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 49
Echo Base - Episode IV Outland OSLO NO 19/03/30 Extended Store Event 13
Tournoi du 29/03/2019 Sortilèges Réunion RE 19/03/29 Hyperspace Casual Event 7
Adepticon System Open Adepticon IL US 19/03/29 Extended System Open 251
Game Night Games Evacuation of D'Qar (Hyperspace) Game Night Games UT US 19/03/28 Hyperspace Store Event 8
LigaCWB 2019-1: Torneio 2 Funbox Curitiba Paraná BR 19/03/24 Extended Casual Event 3
Arrabona Championship 2019/3 Gyor Gyor-Moson-Sopron Area HU 19/03/24 Extended Casual Event 16
Convention des Alchimistes 2019 Convention des Alchis 2019 Alsace / Soultz-les-Bains FR 19/03/24 Extended Casual Event 20
I Torneio Hobbylandia de X-Wing Miniatures Hobbylandia Lisboa PT 19/03/24 Hyperspace Store Event 9
HB Legion Hyperspace Krakow Malopolska PL 19/03/24 Extended Other 31
Wave 2 Championship Firestorm Cards Basingstoke GB 19/03/24 Hyperspace Store Event 8
Liga Playoffs & more DracheNäscht Bern CH 19/03/23 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Davie Hyperspace Trial T'z Toys & Games FL US 19/03/23 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 30
Hyperspace Trial - Cheyenne WY Olympus Games and Comics/Plains Hotel WY US 19/03/23 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 42
2.0 March Tournament Portland Game Store OR US 19/03/23 Extended Store Event 11
Dueling grounds Hyperspace Dueling Grounds Ontario CA 19/03/23 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 38
MER Trophy 2019 Salzgitter Niedersachsen DE 19/03/23 Extended Other 80
Legion Hyperspace Trial 2019 Krakow Malopolska PL 19/03/23 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 64
GMI Games: Evacuation of D'Qar GMI Games / Riverside CA US 19/03/23 Other Store Event 8
Second Star Monthly Tournament Second Star Games Arizona US 19/03/23 Extended Store Event 7
X-Wing Junkies Carbonite Cup V Winnipeg Manitoba CA 19/03/23 Extended Casual Event 17
Dice Saloon Hyperspace Trial Dice Saloon Brighton GB 19/03/23 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 53
Moscow 2019 March 23 Warmaster RU 19/03/23 Extended Casual Event 17
Game Kastle Presents: X-Wing Hyperspace Trial Santa Clara California US 19/03/23 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 58
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