Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Wave 1 Championship Family Time Games Indiana US 2019-01-05 Extended Store Event 29
Comic Kingdom Wave 1 Championship Comic Kingdom Nevada US 2019-01-05 Extended Store Event 15
Hyperspace Louisville GS X-Wing Tournament Louisville Game Shop/Louisville KY US 2019-01-05 Second Edition Hyperspace Trial 13
X-Wing: A New Year The Games Shop Aldershot GB 2019-01-05 Extended Store Event 13
G&S Wave 1 Championship (Hyperspace Format) Games and Stuff Maryland US 2019-01-05 Second Edition Store Event 27
Wave 1 Championship- Olympus Games and Comics Olympus Games and Comics Wyoming US 2019-01-05 Extended Store Event 11
Battle of Yavin Thematic Tournament JIGG Tokyo Tokyo JP 2019-01-02 Other Casual Event 9
Wave 1 Championship Petries - Colorado Springs CO US 2019-01-02 Extended Store Event 10
Wave 1 Championship Critical Hit Games/Cleveland Heights OH US 2018-12-29 Extended Store Event 18
Belgian Nationals flight B Outpost Gent Oost-Vlaanderen BE 2018-12-29 Extended National Championship 27
GG 3. X-Wing turnir Grenadier Games, Beograd Serbia RS 2018-12-23 Extended Store Event 13
Generación X Q2 Kit Generación X Cáceres ES 2018-12-23 Extended Store Event 12
Belgian Nationals flight A Outpost Gent Oost-Vlaanderen BE 2018-12-22 Extended National Championship 37
Wave 1 Championship Petries - Colorado Springs CO US 2018-12-22 Extended Store Event 10
Games U Extended 2.0 Monthly - Dec 2018 Games U AZ US 2018-12-22 Extended Store Event 25
Tier 1 December Hyperspace Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US 2018-12-20 Second Edition Store Event 8
X-wing Trondheim Christmas Tournament Trondheim NO 2018-12-19 Extended Other 9
Naughty vs Nice Wayland Games, Hockley Essex GB 2018-12-16 Extended Casual Event 6
Wave 1 Championship A Fistful of Dice Portsmouth GB 2018-12-16 Extended Store Event 12
Life day Epikos ccg Chattanooga TN US 2018-12-16 Extended Store Event 5
Tucson X-Wing Tournament December Tucson Games & Gadgets Arizona US 2018-12-15 Extended Store Event 12
Evacuation of D'Qar Weekend Warlords Loughborough GB 2018-12-15 Extended Store Event 8
CAPA Squadron Toys for Tots/Battle of Yavin The Game Table Cafe/ Mechanicsburg PA US 2018-12-15 Other Other 14
Moscow Moscow RU 2018-12-15 Extended Store Event 11
MOB Games Wave 2 Release Event MOB Games, Lake Stevens WA US 2018-12-13 Custom Casual Event 4
New Tournament