Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
SAVANNAH LION GAMES | X-WING 2.0 EXTENDED TOURNAMENT Pooler GA US 2019-03-16 Extended Casual Event 7
Hyperspace Trial - Boise Alpha Beta Unlimited Games ID US 2019-03-16 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 24
Haunted Wave 2 Championships Haunted Game Cafe, Fort Collins Colorado US 2019-03-16 Hyperspace Store Event 9
Game On Bathurst Hyperspace Trial Game On Bathurst NSW AU 2019-03-16 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 64
Tercer Torneo Wargamming Store Kit 2018 Wargamming/Santiago Santiago CL 2019-03-16 Hyperspace Store Event 16
Tier 1 March Tournament Tier 1 Cards and Games Alaska US 2019-03-15 Hyperspace Store Event 4
Bosco's Monday Night Bosco's Cards and Comics/Anchorage Alaska US 2019-03-11 Hyperspace Store Event 6
Springfield, OH Hyperspace Trial at Epic Loot Games Epic Loot Games OH US 2019-03-11 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 70
Weekend Warlords Sunday March 2019 X-Wing Tournament Weekend Warlords Loughborough GB 2019-03-10 Extended Store Event 22
X-wing Wave Championships @ Jolt Jolt Games Canberra AU 2019-03-10 Extended Store Event 15
Dice Saloon March Extended Eventq Dice Saloon Brighton GB 2019-03-10 Extended Casual Event 12
UVX Wave 1 Championship HobbyTownUSA Orem UT US 2019-03-10 Extended Store Event 12
GMI Games: Hyperpsace Dogfight GMI Games / Riverside Californa US 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 15
THM Wave 2 Championship The Hobby Matrix Adelaide AU 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 14
Hyperspace - Festival du Jeu à Montpellier Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon FR 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 28
Millennium Games Wave 2 Championship Millennium Games Rochester New York US 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 14
Wave 2 Championship GameTraders Spring Hill FL US 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 12
Hyperspace Trial Fantasy In - Germany Fantasy In DE 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 56
Aces Series League 1- End Cap Fayetteville NC - North Carolina US 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 12
Casua Cage aux Trolls mars 2019 La Cage aux Trolls Quebec CA 2019-03-09 Extended Casual Event 8
Nexus Wave 1 championship Nexus Reykjavík IS 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 8
Wave 1 Champion Valhalla HK Hradec Králové CZ 2019-03-09 Extended Store Event 10
Warboar Games Hyperspace Trial Chartwell Cancer Trust 2019 Warboar Games Bromley GB 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Hyperspace Trial 59
X-Wing Ipswich Good Games Ipswich Queensland AU 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 24
La cage aux Trolls - 9/03/19 - X-Wing 2 La cage aux Trolls Quebec CA 2019-03-09 Hyperspace Store Event 8
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