Name Location State Country Date Format Type Players
Wave 1 Championship Cool Stuff Games - South Orlando Florida US 2018-12-09 Extended Store Event 13
Louisville Game Shop Wave Championship Louisville Game Shop KY US 2018-12-08 Extended Store Event 17
Crazy Squirrel December 2018 Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 2018-12-08 Second Edition Store Event 8
Cage aux Trolls casual La Cage aux Trolls Quebec CA 2018-12-08 Extended Store Event 10
Recess Wave 1 Championship Recess Games, North Olmstead OH US 2018-12-03 Extended Store Event 11
Pax Unplugged 2018 - Philadelphia Philadelphia US 2018-12-03 Extended System Open 165
X-wing Trondheim December Trondheim NO 2018-12-02 Extended Other 6
Advent auf D'Qar DracheNäscht Bern CH 2018-12-02 Extended Store Event 14
Iksy Tricity S10T4 Shockland Pomorskie PL 2018-12-02 Extended Casual Event 10
G&S Battle of Yavin Games and Stuff Maryland US 2018-12-02 Other Store Event 10
Agram Arena Winter 2018 UMS Agram Zagreb HR 2018-12-01 Extended Store Event 18
2018 TIE's for Tots & RivCo #5 SoCal Games & Comics / Temecula CA US 2018-12-01 Extended Store Event 13
PAX Unplugged - Extended Qualifier PAX Unplugged PA US 2018-12-01 Extended System Open 95
Tournoi de Noël Nexus Toulouse FR 2018-12-01 Extended Casual Event 20
Casual kit Free Game St-Romuald Quebec CA 2018-12-01 Extended Store Event 8
NNXW Store Tournament Comic Kingdom Nevada US 2018-12-01 Extended Store Event 9
Gonk open Arccon On CA 2018-12-01 Custom Casual Event 10
Prototype Amersfoort League Round 1 Amersfoort Utrecht NL 2018-12-01 Extended Casual Event 8
Renegade Open Minneapolis MN US 2018-11-29 Extended Other 32
Crazy Squirrel Thematic Swiss Crazy Squirrel Game Store CA US 2018-11-27 Custom Store Event 7
L'Abyss L'Abyss Quebec CA 2018-11-27 Extended Store Event 23
System Open Series Poland AmberExpo Pomorskie PL 2018-11-25 Extended System Open 168
Wayland Games November Stay on Target Wayland Games Hockley GB 2018-11-25 Extended Store Event 16
Albatoy 2018 X-wing Maniacs Albacete ES 2018-11-25 Extended Store Event 18
Jupiter Juegos Q2 Kit Jupiter Juegos Badajoz ES 2018-11-25 Extended Store Event 10
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